Monday, March 1, 2010

Maxon OD820 Overdrive Pro. RM 650

The Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro is one overdrive pedal that is not for the weak at heart, or technique. The OD820 features a unique circuit that converts the 9 volt power input up to 18 volts. This gives the Maxon OD-820 tons of headroom for use as a clean boost and increases the dynamic range for a true full-frequency response. The Overdrive knob acts as a Blend as well so when you back off all the way, you only get the clean signal with no coloration. The Maxon OD-820 was designed to fill the shortcomings of other tube screamer circuits and it has with ease.

This is one of the best sounding overdrive pedals on the market. The Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro responds to the guitar's volume and picking dynamics in a way that no other pedal can. When cranked up, the Maxon OD-820 produces thick, rich overdrive with sustain and tone for days. The tone control is very interactive with the other controls and will yield tones that are bright and crisp, warm and muffly, and even a cocked wah tone. The Maxon OD-820 Overdrive Pro is the overdrive pedal for the discerning, technically advanced guitaris

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ESP Amaze ASM. Rm 4,500.00

2007 production model.
Natural finished swamp ash body, hard maple neck with maple fingerboard
compound radius ala jeff beck
Hipshot bridge with Gotoh tuners
ESP Custom Labs single coil pickups
3 band ESP Cinnamon EQ
low action and currently strung with lightly played set of DR Black Beauties
near mint condition with the exception of polepieces, see to believe.
fancy schmancy ashtray style battery access
made in Japan
link to 2008 model (with gotoh bridge instead of hipshot):

ESP The Mirage Custom Shop. RM 3,800.00

This one made during 80s-90s. Which was before the mass production of ESP Mirage. This is a more friendly version of ESP. Strat, Tele, and Super Strat in one.

-Ash body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard.
-Matching reverse headstock.(Very stim this one)
-Sperzel locking tuners.
-Wilkinson bridge.
-22 frets.
-H-S-S config.
-Bridge is LH-200, Single coils is Schecter USA pickups. (Google this if u wanna know more.)
-Dead mint condition

ESP Greg Howe. Rm 4,500.00

Quatersewn 1 piece Ash body.

Original Floyd Rose.

Dimarzio pickups.

Quatersewn soft and slim V shape neck.

Gotoh tuners.

[Hardcase is for illustration purposes only]

Boss DC-2. Rm 750.

This happens to be one of the most unique and great-sounding effects that Boss has ever produced! it can be vaguely labeled an all-analog stereo chorus pedal, but it doesn't quite sound like any other chorus pedal out there. Instead of knobs, this one has 4 preset switches. going left to right, each preset just adds depth and color to your sound. it's spectacular for cleans, leads, even to thicken up heavy rhythms!

If you ever get the chance to run it in stereo, it's like an aural acid trip! it's just a fantastic sounding pedal. says describes the effect as one where "thickness, depth and a sense of width, is added to the sound to produce a kind of 3D effect.

It is quite rare and it's not uncommon to see it go for a lot of money in the used pedal market. There isn't any way to adjust your sound other than to choose from one of the four presets. The users have never seen this as a problem as all 4 presets produce excellent sounds.

Boss DS-1 Silver screw. Rm 800.

Now, this is the legendary 'everyone's been going after' distortion pedal. The early version 70's Silver Screw DS-1. Real smooth distortion and yet it allows you to play fast and all the notes can be heard. A fun unit for the bedroom wanker and/or a great collectors piece. Anyone would be happy with this DS-1, you rock stars. This is truly a classic distortion pedal. It produces a distortion sound with a hard edge and is known to have a very low noise level compared to other distortion pedals.

Many people swear that this particular older MADE IN JAPAN models sounds better than the even MADE IN JAPAN models. The DS-1 has over the years been used by a lot of the great guitar players. If you don't buy it for playing, buy it for collection! It's very valueble on the market.

Did I say the serial number is below 8000 too?

Boss DC3. Rm 480.00

---> Video demo! <---

The DC-3 is the successor of the Dimension C (DC-2) pedal but despite the name similarity, it's quite different. The sound is often described as dimensional, spacial and natural sounding.

Version differences
The name of the DC-3 was changed from Digital Dimension to "Digital Space-D" in 1989. At the same time, Boss stopped offering the DC-3 to other markets than Japan. There are no known circuit changes between the different labeled DC-3s.

Mine is Digital Dimension, the earlier one.

70's Vintage Maxon FL-301. Rm 600.

The craziest thing I ever had.

The design of the circuit is so well put.

Infact, I would say it's a mad scientist's job.

Packed with MN3007 and MN3101.

MIJ Boss PS-2. Rm 450.

Delay and Pitch shifting at ease with just a turn of the knob.

Monte Allums H20 modded Boss BD-2. Rm 420.

The mods remove the shriek highs and splaty gain of the stock BD-2. The splaty gain of the stock BD-2 is a common gripe I hear about others that offer mods for this pedal. We have removed this issue with this pedal. LED has also been upgraded to a Super Bright 3mm White Clear LED. The resistor is also modified to increase the brightness of the LED X3. You can use the LED as a flashlight on stage after the mod, it is that bright, almost blinding. I will boldly state that this is undoubtedly the best mod on the planet for a BD-2.